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Lake Cachuma British Bike Rally 2017 June 2-5

With roots deep in vintage British motorcycling and at the urging of Johnny Brown, who secured the campground for the last three years, Eddie and Jodi Mulder continued the tradition of hosting the Lake Cachuma British Bike Rally at Live Oak Camp in Santa Ynez, Ca.   The picturesque setting for the Rally is a private 40-acre campground dotted with big oak trees and bordered by the flowing Santa Ynez river. Equipped with electricity, flush toilets, hot showers, a full kitchen and covered patio for group meals and the bike show, it’s the perfect spot.  John and Donna Mulrean, from the British Connection, hosted the event for many years, bringing together the fans and riders of the three main British manufacturers, Triumph, BSA and Norton plus other British manufacturers, in one place.  The 2017 Lake Cachuma weekend continued the tradition with a stunning classic bike show, exciting field meet events, mapped rides to explore the area, watching the Kentucky Mile dirt track race, old race movies and lots of bench racing. Pure F.U.N.

The event began on Friday with attendees checking in upon arrival. Some drove, but many rode their classic British bikes hundreds of miles! North from San Diego and south from Rabers Parts Mart in San Jose, the campers found their camping spots, got settled and enjoyed a hot welcome dinner. The bonfire was lit to highlight the first evening and the 2017 rally was underway.

The caterer, Los Padres Outfitters, once again, aimed to please, providing real buckaroo style meals that kept everyone well fed. Even those that didn’t eat meat had plenty to eat.  Saturday night’s meal was Tri tip and corn on the cob BBQ’d to perfection. String beans, salad and yummy brownies for dessert.  Following the meal, a special presentation took place honoring the many supporters of the Lake Cachuma event.  Longtime supporters, John and Susan Healy of Coventry Spares were missed but many other sponsors including Bob Raber, Jason of British Customs, Bill Getty of JRC Engineering, and Randy Zimmerman to name a few, were in attendance.  Cozmic Joe Filardi, a long time Rally member, artist and welder from Santa Ana, CA, worked for weeks creating amazing art work from old spare parts into metal, Tiki inspired trophies. Especially for Eddie, Cozmic Joe made a sleek desktop dirt track motorcycle solely from triumph motor and gear box parts. First class! In addition to Eddie presenting “thank you” plaques to everyone, Johnny Brown presented Eddie with the original gas tank off of his District 37 #1 winning 1961 Triumph  that had been buried in a shop for years.  Eddie wiped away his tears after that one! Cozmic had one more custom piece crafted from all British parts. A beautiful motorcycle given to Bill Getty, the event Grand Marshal from JRC Engineering.  This piece was approximately 2 feet in length, an absolutely outstanding piece of artwork created by Cozmic Joe. These are one of a kind and recipients are very honored to own one.

As is the custom, awards were also presented for the afternoon bike show that included classes for Triumph, BSA and “Other”, as well as Off-road, Street and “Other” Competition Classes, this years rally theme.  The two most coveted awards are given for Best of Show and People’s Choice.  The People’s Choice award is the only one given as a result of votes cast by the attendees of the show and the Best of Show is chosen number one by the judges.  This year’s Best of Show Award went to son and father duo, John and Roger Sides with their restored 1967 Rickman motorcycle originally purchased from Bud Ekins’. The People’s Choice went to Michael “Brez” Breslin with his 1959 Panther manufactured by Phelon and Moore in Cleckheaton Yorkshire. The machine was found in a woodshed in County Clare, Ireland March 2016 with no wiring, not running and covered in chicken poop.

The presentations ended with 200 people singing happy birthday to Kimmie Gould. A huge raffle was next for the massive table of prizes donated by Triumph of North America, Motion Pro, Raber’s Parts Mart, Coventry Spares, JRC, Baxter Cycles, Barnett Tool and Dye, British Customs and Triumph Classic Motorcycles.  Everyone was a big winner! Triumph of North America also provided two new Triumph demos- a Tiger dualsport and T100 Black Bonneville for anyone to take for a spin.  By the end of the weekend both had accumulated more than 2,000 miles of travel!

Familiar faces greeted new friends that came to join in the fun.  Doggies ruled the land and were a welcome addition. The farthest traveled attendees came all the way from England and one young man got a new nickname, Kona. What Eddie thought his real name, Connor, sounded like with his strong English accent.  That is one he can tell his fellow countrymen! The after-event parties were lively, consisting of some cool old wide screen motorcycle racing movies , courtesy of Geoff Patrick as well as the customary campfire and s’mores.

Sunday morning following another fabulous meal the field events took place for the motorcycles on a course perfectly laid out and organized by Steve Ortiz of the So Cal BSA Owner’s Club.  Maybe the most competitive meet to date, the entertainment to those watching was outstanding.  By far the most popular of the field event activities is the slow race.  The bikes line up at the start, wait for the green flag and proceed to the finish in the slowest possible way without a foot touching the ground.  This year’s slow race champion was Geoff Patrick on a Triumph Cub, earning himself a crisp $100 bill. The winner of the Field Meet with 60 points was Kenny Thiebaud from Santa Margarita, Ca.  After lunch many folks ventured out enjoying the mapped out rides. On each of the rides, special markers were planted along the route. A rider could find and collect only one marker, then turn it in for one of Cozmic Joe’s hand crafted prizes. Those that stayed behind in camp were once again on the field meet course. This time rooting the kids on as they displayed their skill and agility challenging the course and each other. Great teamwork and fun was had by all!

After the group photo, a relaxing afternoon was followed by yet another outstanding meal and another award presentation for the field event champions.  Sunday evening’s entertainment was a “Get to Know Your Host” Q&A between Cozmic Joe and Eddie Mulder during which time Eddie shared some of his lifetime experiences and passions as a stunt man, a racing competitor and as a youngster growing up.

At the end of the night some packed up to go home while others spent the final night sharing stories, chatting and enjoying another campfire.  Monday morning the last meal was served, goodbyes and thanks were shared and another memorable event was in the books.

Many thanks go out; to Jodi Mulder for her dedication in organizing and orchestrating and working with Eddie, Cozmic Joe with his outstanding artwork and scouting the trails, Bob Ferry for always pitching in and being there, Bill Getty-Grand Marshal and Bob Raber for judging the bike show, as well as Los Padres Outfitters, Steve Ortiz, Nick Mankey – media director and everyone else involved that make this weekend so special.  To the Sponsors, Coventry Spares, Rabers Parts Mart,  JRC Engineering, Barnett, Terry Otton and the Zimmerman’s at Specialty Fabrications, Inc, Triumph North America, Motion Pro, British Customs, Maxima Racing Oils and Banke Performance – thank you for your continued support.  To Johnny Brown, you are the best!

We hope to see everyone again and we encourage you to bring your friends, young and old to enjoy the 2018 Lake Cachuma British Bike Rally June 1-4.  A family, fun and relaxing weekend among friends.  Watch our Cachuma Lake and Eddie Mulder West Coast Dirt Track Series Facebook pages for updates, photos and video from the 2017 event and thank you to all that shared the weekend with us!

Field meet results:

  1. Kenny Thiebaud (60 points
  2. John Sides (58 points)
  3. Bill Getty/Terry Rachuey (57 points)
  4. Charlie Caspary (50 points)
  5. Geoff Patrick (46 points)
  6. Jim Knapp (45 points)

Kids field meet results:

  1. Hugo Goodfield (47 points)
  2. Mick Breslin (43 points)
  3. Graysen Vidmar (37 points)
  4. Colton CVidmar (14 points)

Bike Show Results:


  1. Geoff Patrick (1958 T110)
  2. Mike Breslin “Brez” (1969 Trident)
  3. Dan Gehrs (1968 T120R)


  1. Bill Findiesen (1969 A75R)
  2. Barry Porter (1971 B50SS)
  3. Tim Warlick (1961 BSA Goldstar)


  1. Mike Breslin “Brez” (P&M Panther)
  2. Marla Getty (1974 Norton Interstate)
  3. Mick Breslin (electric)

Off Road Competition

  1. Karl Krohn (Triumph 650)
  2. Mickey Alzola (Triumph)
  3. Jessy Krohn (Triumph 500)

Street Competition

  1. John Callichio (Triumph supermoto)
  2. Mike Haney (1975 Tr5T)
  3. Tony Martin (1967 T120R)

Other Competition class

  1. Bill reoman (Greeves)
  2. Ted Hubbard (Yamaha TT500)
  3. Charlie Caspary (Rickman Westlake)

People’s Choice

Mike Breslin “Brez” (1959 Panther-Phelon & Moore)

Best of Show

John and Roger Sides – Rickman

Sammy wasn’t Slammin to win at Willow Springs Sunday

Willow Springs – Sunday Update

Race Dates: October 1 & 2 2016
Eddie Mulder’s West Coast Dirt Track Series

After awesome racing and a great meal Saturday night, the crew was ready to hit the track again early Sunday morning for day two of the West Coast Dirt Track Series Willow Springs event. Running like clockwork, we got to the track about 7:15am, gates opened at 8 and practice started at 10:30. Gary Ritchie was there early, getting the track ready for the day’s racing and another long line of racers waited patiently at the gate to get in. The weather was a little cooler with a nice breeze, perfect!

In attendance were some well-known guests beginning with Chuck Palmgren, Digger Helm and Ron Wood. Rod Lake made an appearance, Chris Agajanian’s Ascot trailer was there and the best catering truck in all of CA was serving the tastiest breakfast burritos ever. The goal on Sunday is to get things moving so people can get on the road for home after a full day of racing. Eddie wastes no time getting through the riders meeting and practice under way.
A full stable of racers rode some 27 heat races, two Semis and 24 main events. As always, the main events begin with the Semis and the Ramspur Winery Dash for Cash. Brad Baker got the hole shot and didn’t look back leading it all 6 laps to the finish. Behind him were Sammy Halbert and Jared Mees but it took no time at all for Chad Cose to get in front of Sammy and try to catch Jared. He was on a tear all weekend! The race finished Baker, Mees, Cose and Halbert. Semi #1 winner was Dalton Gauthier. Jarod Vanderkoi was second, both earning their way to the main. In Semi #2 Jimmy Wood and Nick Armstrong were 1, 2, also making it to the 16 rider main event finale.

The Senior Vintage class was next up. A fast series regular vintage racer, Tom Horton, was missing this weekend. Disappointing some of his fellow competitors, one of whom told me he built his bike just to compete with Tom this year. The West Coast Dirt Track Series Willow Springs events are like a family affair. When someone doesn’t make it, someone always notices. The Senior Vintage race finished with Kenny Thiebaud in front of Jeff Lessley and Jim Ottele. Another very familiar face in California flat track, Donnie Howard was in attendance and racing in the Vet class taking a victory with Jim Rosa and Paul Ott sharing the podium with Howard in that order. Ryan Reed led the Vet B class to victory and Gary Ritchie not only wins the best track prep award but he also won the Super Senior/Senior novice class taking the lead from Robert Hansen in the last lap. Hansen followed Ritchie and D-Dan McDougal finished third. McDougal rides an Eddie Mulder built Triumph and comes to Willow each year all the way from Canada.

Chris Rudy, a West Coast Dirt Track Series regular competitor won the Classic 500 brakeless class in front of Julian Heppekausen and Flyn Stone. They each held their positions from start to finish. The Classic 250 brakeless and 1951 and earlier Dinosaur class ran together. Dinosaur rider Jim Ottele took the win on the hand shift ’37 Indian, sponsored by Bob Nichols. Classic 250 riders Austin Williams and Fred Berger followed to the checkers.

Sierra Hickerson and Jasper Heathfield took 1,2 in the Youth 50cc class. Kage Tadman and JR Alexander took 1,2 in the Youth 65 class. Travis Petton IV topped the Youth 80 class podium with Dominic DeMario and Zaden Flores taking the second and third spots respectively. The Modern 250/500 class was combined. Tim Skov topped the 250’s and Brian Filo took the 500 win. Lloyd McGregor, in from Colorado to race at Willow, won the Modern 750 class aboard a borrowed Eddie Mulder Replica C&J framed Triumph owned by Herb Wolff. Kenny Thiebaud finished a very respectable second and Robert Hansen rounded out the podium. Jumpin Jack Jones lead the 500 Support class flag to flag with his buddy, Jeff Gonzales close behind.

Some of the fastest youngsters in California were there competing on Willow’s big, banked, 3/8ths Mile track. The 250 open class included 10 young riders. Making a name for himself with his finesse, Grant Holmes led Hunter Brooks and James Ott to the checkers. Brooks and Ott were back on the track for Open Amateur A Main, finishing 1, 2. Clayton Williams finished in third These are the youngsters that are bound to be seen in the future riding the national pro circuit. The Open Amateur B Main was taken by Dominic Cameron followed by Christain Payne and Rob Bush. Payne and Bush switched places in the fourth lap when Payne took over the 2nd spot. Kevin Jordan, Jim Ottele and Jim Lundgren finished first, second and third in the Senior Open class, the last one before the Digger Open Pro 20 lap main event sponsored by Specialty Fabrications, Inc.

The track was well prepped for the Digger/Spec Fab Open Pro main as it always is at Willow Springs. Included on the grid were 16 pro riders, all card holding members of AMA GNC Pro racing. This was to be a fast and competitive race for a nice chunk of purse money. At the green flag, Jared Mees jumped to the front with Brad Baker and Jared Sammy close behind. Jared was then first out of the first turn but it didn’t take Sammy long to get to the front, overtaking Jared, and he never looked back. Behind the three of them Jeffrey Carver was working his way around Ryan Wells, winner of the 2016 AMA GNC 2 championship. Carver accomplished that feat in lap three and held on to the fourth spot to the finish. The race finished Halbert, Baker, Mees and Carver.

Racing was complete slightly after 5 p.m. and was followed by the customary awards ceremony awarding the riders with event plaques and the pros with the money they earned.

The crew immediately went to work cleaning up and putting away the equipment of the day. Eddie and Jodi graciously thanked each and every person that support the West Coast Dirt Track Series Willow Springs and Lake Cachuma events. The staff of both events are what makes them so fun and successful. And the sponsors, Specialty Fabrications, Terry and Nancy Otton of Ramspur Winery, Digger Helm, Rod Lake Racing, Coventry Spares, British Customs, Jeff Cole, Motion Pro, JRC Engineering, Works Shocks, Barnett Clutches and Cables, Maxima Racing Oils, K&N Filters, Triumph North America, Brown’s Cycles, Todays Cycle, S&S Off Road Magazine and Pro Plates help to make it all possible with their generosity and support.

The next West Coast Dirt Track Series event on the 2017 calendar so far, is the Lake Cachuma Vintage British Bike Rally taking place the first weekend of June just north of Santa Barbara, Ca. A wonderful weekend of celebration where friends and families gather, camping out at the 40 acre Live Oak Camp, enjoying the finest classic vintage British motorcycles, field events for young and old, fun rides, great food and commaraderie during the weekend of June 2-4th. More info to follow at

Sunday Results:

Ramspur Winery $10,000 D-4-C
: 1. Brad Baker; 2. Jared Mees; 3. Chad Cose; 4. Sammy Halbert

1. Kenny Thiebaud; 2. Jeff Lessley; 3. Jim Ottele: 4. Steve Ferguson

: 1. Don Howard; 2. Jim Rosa; 3. Paul Ott; 4. Curtis Peebles Jr; 5. Danny Ritchie; 6. David Bush; 7. Kevin Jordan; 8. Rob Bush; 9. David Ehrhart; 10. Andrew Myers

: 1. Ryan Reed; 2. Bryan Berna; 3. Rich Hanson; 4. Mark LaDue; 5. Josh Jackson

: 1. Gary Ritchie; 2. Robert Hansen; 3. D-Dan McDougall; 4. Shane VanSickle; 5. Sten Kelley

1. Austin Williams; 2. Fred Berger

: 1. Chris Rudy; 2. Julian Heppekausen; 3. Flyn Stone; 4. Steve Ferguson; 5. James Kohls; 6. Joe Pape; 7. Viet Nguyen

: 1. Jim Ottele

: 1. Sierra Hickerson; 2. Jasper Heathfield; 3. Isabella Mitchell

YOUTH 60: 
1. Kage Tadman; 2. James “Jr.” Alexander; 3. Sierra Hickerson; 4. Isabella Mitchell

: 1. Travis Petton IV; 2. Dominic DeMario; 3. Zaden Flores; 4. Blake Ash; 5. Zack Earwood; 6. Conner Hickerson; 7. Eli Souza; 8. Bryson Berna; 9. Franny Minchau

: 1. Tim Skov

: 1. Brian Filo; 2. Julian Heppekausen

MODERN 750: 
1. Lloyd McGregor; 2. Kenny Thiebaud; 3. Robert Hansen; 4. D-Dan McDougall; 5. Charles Caspary; 
6. Jamin Mathis; 7. Nate Hudson

250 OPEN
: 1. Grant Holmes; 2. Hunter Brooks; 3. James Ott; 4. Dallas Daniels; 5. Tyler Raggio; 6. Travis Petton IV;
7. Jacob Cascio; 8. Jaycee Jones; 9. Zack Earwood; 10. Conner Hickerson

: 1. Jack Jones; 2. Jeff Gonzales 3. Jim Lundgren; 4. Ryan Gifford; 5. Ken Shilling; 6. Larry Hanson; 
7. Adam Turner; 8. Jamin Mathis

: 1. Hunter Brooks; 2. James Ott; 3. Clayton Williams; 4. Dallas Daniels; 5. Julia Rankin; 6. Paul Ott
7. Grant Holmes; 8. Matthew Zacher; 9. Michael Hill; 10. Noah Bush; 11. Travis Petton IV; 12 Stephen Sikorski; 13. Ryan Reed; 14. Justin Hanson; 15. Bryan Berna; 16, Rob Bush

: 1. Dominic Cameron; 2. Christian Payne; 3. Rob Bush; 4. Bronson Pearce; 5. Jacob Cascio; 6. Matt Ott; 
7. Kyle Raggio; 8. LJ Gronek; 9. Rich Hanson; 10. James Holley; 11. Hayden Earwood; 12. Jaycee Jones;
13. Bill Wright; 14. Andrew Myers

: 1. Kevin Jordan; 2. Jim Ottele; 3. Jim Lundgren; 4. Larry Earhart; 5. Greg Powell; 6. Barney Stern; 7. Ryan Gifford; 8. Jeff Spohr; 9. Dan Dowding

DIGGER OPEN PRO by Specialty Fabrications, Inc.
: 1. Sammy Halbert; 2. Brad Baker; 3. Jared Mees; 4. Jeffrey Carver; 5. Ryan Wells; 6. Briar Bauman;
7. Henry Wiles; 8. Mikey Rush; 9. John Vanderlaan; 10. Dalton Gauthier; 11. Jarod VanDerkooi; 
12. Davis Fisher; 13. Bronson Bauman; 14. Nick Armstrong


Carver & Halbert Spring to the top at Willow Springs

Location: Willow Springs Walt James Stadium
Race Dates: October 1 & 2 2016
Eddie Mulder’s West Coast Dirt Track Series

The Willow Springs 3/8-mile cushion dirt track in Walt James  Stadium at the Willow Springs International Raceway hosts by far the most exciting 3/8-mile dirt track racing in all of California. Eddie & Jodi Mulder, promoters of the West Coast Dirt Track Series, pull out all the stops during this two-day weekend event. Together with their main sponsors, Mark and Randy Zimmerman of Specialty Fabrications,Inc.and Terry and Nancy Otton of Ramspur Winery, the purse for this weekend was over $50,000.

Driving up the road to the track on Saturday morning the rigs, trucks, trailers and cars were in a long line ready to go racing. Track prep began the week before, the registration staff set up their booth, the tech station was set up, ready to start the bike inspections and the gates opened with a flood of people.
The usual rider’s meeting started off the day but this day was just a little different. A special moment of silence was held to honor the two young riders lost the weekend before, Charlotte Kainz and Kyle McGrane, followed by parade laps of riders led by the water trucks riding two reverse laps, one to honor each of them. Not long after that, practice began. The track was absolutely perfect, smooth and racy as a result of the many hours Gary Richie spent working the dirt.

Over 120 riders rode 19 heat races that included 24 AMA pro riders looking for a piece of the $50,000 purse. Special guests included Barry Weiss of Storage Wars, the Zimmerman’s, Digger Helm, Terry Otton, Rod Lake, Sammy Tanner, Chris Agajanian, Ron Wood, Preston Petty, Dennis Mahan and more. Also in the house was #38 Chuck Palmgren, the first rider to win an AMA GNC mile on a Yamaha 750. That history took place in 1972. The action on the track was fierce with Jeffrey Carver and Chad Cose turning the fastest heat race lap times. Pro heat race winners Carver, Cose, Brad Baker and Jimmy Wood then lined up for the dash for cash. Cose, aboard a Harley, turned heads taking a commanding lead and the win followed by Carver, Baker and Wood. At the trophy presentation, an emotional speech was given by Cose, who traveled for two and one half years with one of the riders lost the weekend before. “I know Kyle was with me and gave me the will to win today in his memory.”

Some fast youngsters included Kage Tadman, winning the 60 class in front of Jack Alexander, Travis Petton IV who made the podium in three classes, including winning the open amateur “B” main and James Ott, a double class winner in the Open Amateur “A” main and the 250 Open classes. Fontana Radiator’s “Fast”Jeff Johnson, aboard Mickey Alzola’s Triumph took the Modern 750 class home. He also won the 500 support class in front of Jack Jones and Jim Lundgren. In the Senior Vintage class Jim Ottele finished third behind Jeff Lesley and Kenny Thiebaud. Ottele came back to win the Senior Open class.

Sixteen pro riders lined up on the grid for the Digger Helm Open Pro main event presented by Specialty Fabrications, Inc. On the front row were, Carver, Baker, Cose, Wood, Briar Bauman and Nick Armstrong. At the green Jared Mees, on the new Indian Scout, tried to get by the pack on the inside but it was Chad Cose to the front for the hole shot. Carver was low in the inside but in the front by the end of lap one. During this 20 lap main event Baker and Halbert switched the second place four times and Carver held the lead all 20 laps. Behind them Henry Wiles was working his way through the pack to finish fourth behind Baker.

As always after the races, a heartfelt trophy presentation with the riders and their crews was held presenting the top riders with medals and cash to the pros for their efforts. Every pro rider in the main was paid a portion of the purse. And following the award ceremony the customary Mexican food dinner, where Eddie and Jodi treat their crew to a wonderful “family dinner”. In addition to a huge thank you to the WCDTS staff Eddie and Jodi are most appreciative to their series sponsors: Mark and Randy Zimmerman of Specialty Fabrications, Inc. Terry and Nancy Otton of Ramspur Winery, Digger Helm, Rod Lake, Motion Pro, Triumph of North America, Coventry Spares, British Customs, Barnett Clutches and Cables, JRC Engineering, Jeff Cole of C&J Racing Frames, Maxima Racing Oils, K&N Filters, Works Shocks, Todays Cycle Coverage, S&S Off Road magazine and Pro Plates.

Sunday morning the track opened to another crowd of competitors and fans – stay tuned for another story about that.

Saturday race results:

Ramspur Winery $5,000 D-4-C
Chad Cose; 2. Jeffrey Carver; 3. Brad Baker; 4. Jimmy Wood

Jeff Lessley; 2. Kenny Thiebaud; 3 Jim Ottele

1. Don Howard; 2. Jim Rosa; 3. Kevin Jordan; 4. Paul Ott; 5. Curtis Peebles Jr.; 6. David Bush; 7. John Lundgren; 8. Ryan Reed; 9. Robert Bush; 10. Scott Hanson

1. Matt Stoutenburg; 2. Bill Kolkman; 3. Andrew Myers; 4. Mark LaDue; 5. Mike Mosby;

Robert Hansen; 2. Gary Ritchie; 3. Shane VanSickle; 4. Dan McDougall; 5. Fred Berger;
6. Herb Wolff

250 OPEN
James Ott; 2. Grant Holmes; 3. Travis Petton IV; 4. Dallas Daniels; 5. Tyler Raggio;  6. Hunter Brooks; 7. Jaycee Jones; 8. Zack Earwood

Jeff Johnson; 2. Jack Jones; 3. Jim Lundgren; 4. Jeff Gonzales; 5. Robert Hansen;  6. Ken Shilling; 7. Larry Hanson

1. James Ott; 2. Hunter Brooks; 3.Julia Rankin; 4. Dallas Daniels; 5. Clayton Williams; 6. Paul Ott; 7.Grant Holmes; 8. Christian Payne; 9. Dominic Cameron; 10. Ryan Reed; 11. David Bush; 12. Michael Hill; 13. Rob Bush;

1. Travis Petton IV; 2. Bronson Pearce; 3. Noah Bush; 4. Stephen Sikorski; 5. Justin Hanson;  K6. Kyle Raggio; 7. Matt Ott; 8. Josh Jackson; 9. LJ Gronek; 10. Andrew Myers; 11. Jaycee Jones

Kevin Jordan; 2. Jim Lundgren; 3. Jim Ottele; 4. Larry Earhart; 5. Jeff Lessley; 6. Bill Kolkman; 7. Greg Powell; 8. Bill Wright; 9. Barney Stern; 10. Jeff Spohr; 11. Dan Kane; 12. Dan Dowding

Hadley Melton; 2. Fred Berger

Chris Rudy; 2. Jim Ottele; 3. Rick Rockhold; 4. Julian Heppekausen; 5. James Kohls; 6. Joe Pape; 7. Flyn Stone; 8. Matt Campbell

Jim Ottele

Kage Tadman; 2. James “Jr.” Alexander; 3. Conner Hickerson; 4. Sierra Hickerson; 5. Isabellla Mitchell

Travis Petton IV; 2. Zaden Flores; 3. Tanner Richey; 4. Dominic DeMario; 5. Blake Ash; 6. Jack Earwood; 7. Eli Souza; 8. Conner Hickerson; 9. Franny Mincham; 10. Sierra Hickerson

David Ehrhart

Brian Filo; 2. Julian Heppekausen; 3. Jamin Mathis

1. Jeff Johnson; 2. Paul Herman; 3. Lloyd McGregor

DIGGER OPEN PRO by Specialty Fabrications, Inc.
Jeffrey Carver; 2. Sammy Halbert; 3. Brad Baker; 4. Henry Wiles; 5. Jarod Vanderkooi;6. Chad Cose; 7. Briar Bauman; 8. Jared Mees; 9. Davis Fisher; 10. Nick Armstrong;  11. Kayl Kolkman; 12. Jimmy Wood; 13. Dylan Morin; 14. Danny Eslick; 15. John Vanderlaan;
16. Bronson Bauman

The rise of the Cachuma Lake Phoenix

The rise of the Cachuma Lake Phoenix
Live Oak Campground, Cachuma Lake, CA
Memorial Day weekend 2015

Making the long trek from just south of Lake Tahoe to the Cachuma Lake Live Oak Campground, this journalist was pleased to finally arrive at the Vintage British Bike Rally at Lake Cachuma north of Santa Barbara. After an eight year hiatus, like a phoenix, so well coined by Cozmic Joe, the metal sculptor, the rally rose once again to be a weekend of greatness. With some one hundred and fifty participants aboard bikes of many ages old and new everyone had a wonderful time enjoying the weekend celebration.

In attendance, to open the event on Saturday morning with Eddie Mulder was long time event organizer Donna Mulrean who read the “In Flander’s Field” poem of deep appreciation for the veterans through the years that gave so much of themselves for all to enjoy the freedom of weekends and life like this in the United States and elsewhere. Kimberly Gould sang The Star Spangled Banner while Eddie Mulder raised the stars and stripes on the flag pole and everyone wore remembrance red poppies that were donated by the Veterans Association to commemorate the men and woman that lost their lives serving in the military inspired by the world war 1 poem read by Donna. The meaning of the red poppy is recognized in the U.S., parts of the former British Empire, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  Also joining the day’s events were long time West Coast Dirt Track Series and now Cachuma Lake event sponsors, Mark and Susan Zimmerman, Randy and Lynne Zimmerman, John and Susan Healy of Coventry spares and original founder of the rally in 1989, and Digger Helm, Jason and Matt from British Customs, builders of the Eddie Mulder Pike’s Peak Triumph and Bob Raber of Raber’s Parts Mart. Raber and a group of about ten riders rode in from San Jose aboard their bikes. Ramspur Winery, Terry and Nancy Otton and Motion Pro other long time WCDTS supporters also offered sponsorship for the Lake Cachuma Rally and provided gifts that were handed out during the evening events. The BSA Nor Cal Club was represented at the rally by Don Danmeier.

The campground, dotted with beautiful oaks and usually a mecca of beautiful green grass, was lacking any grass due to the California water shortage. Bill and Marla Getty of JRC Engineering chalked the course and organized games on motorcycles called a field meet. One up or two up, the competition was fierce maneuvering weighted down cans for the slalom course, collecting the straws in the bottles, tossing bean bags into a tire, a spoon race carrying a waffle ball the entire length  the course on a spoon without it falling off, and an exciting slow race with a two hundred dollar purse. The rules were only that the rider could not put a foot down on the ground during their challenge to avoid elimination. Points were gathered throughout the competition that would be tallied for the evening award program.

Beautiful motorcycles adorned many camp spots including many that dated back to the very early 1900’s and had been ridden from destinations far north and south to join the rally.   Saturday afternoon many enjoyed riding their iron horses on one of the four self-guided rides with maps courtesy of Ride Central coordinator Cozmic Joe Filardi, tours mapped out to see the sights around the area. Saturday evening everyone joined together for a meal of BBQ tri tip, beans, salad, corn on the cob, cupcakes and all the other goodies of a great meal prepared and catered by the Los Padres Outfitters. The Outfitters prepared 3 delicious meals each day for the group. A wonderful award presentation took place following the meal. Eddie Mulder and John Healy of Coventry Spares and publisher of the “Vintage Bike” magazine who traveled with his wife Susan from Massachusetts to join the rally led the presentation. Many gifts donated by Raber’s Parts Mart, Coventry Spares, JRC Engineering, Triumph of No America, Barnett and Motion Pro were given to the rally participants. By Sunday evening most everyone had received a gift that included, parts, autographed event T shirts, other rT Shirts, Cups, water bottles, books and so much more. Winners of the morning field meets for both the adults and the children were recognized individually with medals and some ribbing from Eddie, John and the other participants. Being a family affair, the children ran the same course challenges on their bicycles as the adults did on motorcycles.

After a pancake breakfast Sunday morning the group of 97 bikes headed out on a ride into Solvang, a lovely small Danish town to visit the Solvang Vintage Motorcycle Museum that houses some outstanding two wheeled motorcycles and a world of motorcycle history.   Each bike is displayed with a placard of available information relative to that machine and its history. Included were several custom one of a kind, proto types, and first edition motorcycles from the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries. A building full of exceptional equipment built for transportation, competition, dirt tracks, ice racing, road racing and much more; eye candy to those that have a passion for motorcycles and their history.

Back at the campground John Healy was orchestrating the placement of bikes around and under the oak trees for the upcoming afternoon bike show. Judging would be done in several categories that included Competition, Unit Construction, Pre Unit Construction, Custom, Committees Choice, Best in Show and People’s Choice. Again after dinner another award presentation was held to honor the winners of the bike show. The People’s Choice award, chosen by all of the rally participants was awarded to Nathan Matteson for his 1950 Triumph 6T Thunderbird, Best of Show for a 1939 Ariel Square 4 was awarded to Ralph Nevarez. The Best of Show winning bike belonged to Ralph’s father for many years, was handed down to an uncle and many years later handed down to Ralph. Ralph was awarded with a custom made, hand sculpted, one of a kind work of art created by Cozmic Joe. Other class awards were: Unit Construction to Alexia Dunlavey for a 1967 Triumph TR6, Pre Unit Construction to Craig Fontaine for a 1956 BSA, Competition to Greg McBride for a 1949 Vincent Black Shadow, Custom to Bob Ferry for a 1960 BSA Gold Star and the Committee Choice winner was a 1963 Matchless G12 awarded to it’s owner Chris Smith.

Cozmic Joe also created a 3 foot sculpture with the initials JB and “Cubman” formed from motorcycle parts and chain to honor the efforts of Johnny Brown. Brown was a scrambles rider when he was young.   As the result of an accident at the age of 18 he was paralyzed from the waist down however, that didn’t slow him down much. He owns 200 plus Triumph Cubs and was the initiator of the 2015 Vintage British Motorcycle Rally, obtaining the permit and gathering the help of Eddie, Jodi and others to make it happen.  Brown has never missed a rally at Lake Cachuma.

At the end of the night on Sunday the group was asked if they would like to do it again in 2016. An unanimous “Yes” was echoed from the crowd and the call was made at the start of the day when business resumed on Tuesday to request a reservation for the 2016 Vintage British Bike Rally. As of this writing the request had not yet been answered.


Eddie Mulder’s West Coast Dirt Track Series Round 1 – April 27, 2014

Walt James Stadium, Willow Springs Intl Raceway, Rosamond, CA

The regular West Coast Dirt Track riders know what to expect when they roll up to ride the Willow Springs track. A smooth, cushioned racing surface watered throughout the day, fast banked turns, and a lot of fun. Gary Ritchie works his magic with the blade before, after and between racing his motorcycle, preparing the track surface. Still grading in his riding gear when the riders arrive and leave. The not so welcome surprise this weekend was some really strong wind and a serious chill on Saturday. Sunday the wind calmed down just before racing started, the sun warmed the air. Spectators and riders alike enjoyed a day of fast, competitive racing.

Walking the pits at Willow is a visual extravaganza. Vintage motorcycles over 50 years old pitted side by side with new modern ones and big fast ones! Past champions, Hollywood stuntmen, racers and lifelong dirt track fans mingle amongst the younger generations, all sharing their passion for racing. It’s quite a family atmosphere! Willow Springs employs absolutely the best catering “roach coach”. From the breakfast burritos to their veggie burgers their food is hard to beat. Also in the pits this day were two lovely ladies from Herb-X, Katryn and Margaret, offering 2 minute massages using X-Jow Pain Gel to anyone that asked. At the end of the day a raffle awarded free gifts, a 20 minute massage and tube of the X-Jow pain gel, they had donated. The U.S made X-Jow Chinese herbal pain gel really does work to relieve pain!

A whole bunch of youngsters showed up to make a class of 8 on the grid for the Coventry Spares 60/80 cc combined competition. Young Zaden Florez is so small at the young age of seven that he falls over with his 85cc bike on the start line without help to hold his bike up. The youngster to beat today was Grant Holmes who got off the line in front in the heat race and just kept going easily, leading the pack to the finish. Once again Holmes got the hole shot in the main but Jacob Cascio wasted no time overtaking him in the second lap for the win. His first win in this class. Florez had a rough start off the line but rounded out the podium finishing third.

Kenny Thiebaud, a long time West Coast Dirt Track Series rider aboard a beautiful 1970 Triumph 750 took the Penton Race Products Senior Vintage class pole to pole. The youngest bikes in this class were built in 1974, a Bultaco ridden by Tim Skov and a Honda XL ridden by Ron Lessley. Jim Ottele finished second on a 1971 Shell Yamaha and David Krohn piloted his 1970 Triumph 750 into the third position at the finish.

Seven riders took their places at the start of the Motion Pro Vet A main. Donnie Howard got the hole shot and maintained his lead to the finish. Behind him Jack Jones and John Lundgren diced side by side competing for the second spot. Jones completed the pass under Lundgren in the fourth lap to finish second. Rob Bush and Jim Rosa followed Jones finishing third and fourth respectively. Jones returned track side and rode the 500 support class in front from start to finish.

Tom Horton proudly displays his stable of iron horses, always looking pristine at the start of race day. Horton took the Barnett Clutches and Cables Classic 500/750 class home aboard his 1967 Triumph 500 in front of Steve Craft mounted on his 1957 Harley KR 750. Cary Tanner earned the third place medal riding a Haney T 100 Triumph 500. Later in the day Horton suffered a hard, high side crash. At last report Tom was asking about his bike and on the road to recovery. Will Ott took the checkers in front in the modern 250, Jim Lundgren won the modern 500 while Donnie Howard earned the top award in the modern 750 class aboard Cary Tanner’s bike. Tanner also scored his first series win, taking the Coventry Spares Sr Novice/Super Sr main followed by Tim Watters second and 2013 class Champion Herb Wolff third.

Jim Ottele was back on the track and won the Rod Lake Racing Sr. Open Main. Bill Kolkman and Larry Earhart battled through all six laps turn after turn for the second spot. Earhart held Kolkman off until the final lap when Kolkman found the opening he needed to make the pass for a second place finish. Earhart finished third.

Young Clay Williams was hot on the gas this day, winning both the 250 Open main and the Open Amateur main. Williams was also a force to be contended with at the 2013 Willow Springs finals. Brandon Green from Edmonds, Wa. was turning heads in the 250 Open, out riding Jace Callison to finish second. Callison completed the race earning a third place finish. Callison returned to ride the Open Amateur Main and finished it in second In front of Brandon Watters.

Six riders lined up for the Specialty Fabrications Inc., dash for cash. With a $7500 purse at stake, tensions were high. Long time starter for the West Coast Dirt Track Series, Fred Allen, had his work cut out for him as crashes brought out the red flag twice for full restarts. At the final start five riders remained. Sammy Halbert is all about winning and this day he led the pack to the bank.   Passing the hat during the rider’s meeting and a generous donation from Jerry Kennedy of Kennedy Trucking increased the Dash for Cash purse by an additional $1500!

The $10,000 Digger Helm Open Pro main brings out some of the nation’s top Grand National and pro riders. Additional cash bonuses for the rider in front at the half way point and one for the winner were also provided by Ramspur Winery’s Terry Otton and Mark Zimmerman, adding a little more sweetness to the ride. The thirteen riders of the final race of the day were ready on the line. “Big Fred” threw the flag and Jared Mees got the hole shot. Sammy Halbert was on the throttle, hot on Mees’ back wheel. Out of turn two Halbert gained ground, passing Mees on the back straight to lead the pack. Halbert put a couple of bike lengths between himself and Mees. Mees closed the gap and Halbert re opened it several more times through lap eight. Two laps to the bonus, Mees closed the gap and got under Halbert for the lead and the Rampspur Winery $1000 bonus. Mees pulled away and Halbert, unable to catch him, finished second. Briar Bauman rode all 20 laps in the third spot in front of Kayl Kolkman.

The riders and The West Coast Dirt Track Series team are grateful, proud and honored to accept the generous donations of the many supporters that donate their gifts, time and money to the series. With their donations the series is able to continue supporting riders in their quest for victory as they travel the nation to compete and those who come out for fun. Please support our race sponsors that have graciously sponsored our races and supported us. (Rampsur Winery, Motion Pro, Specialty Fabrications, Barnett Clutches, JRC Engineering, Penton Racing Products, C&J Racing Frames, Brown’s Cycles, Maxima Racing Oils K&N Filters,Todays Cycle, S&S Off Road Magazine, TuffPlates and Works Performance).


The West Coast Dirt Track Series will orchestrate the final two races of the 2014 series October 4th and 5th at the Willow Springs Raceway. With increased prize monies it will surely be the race weekend of the year! Saturdays Specialty Fabrications, Inc. Dash-4-Cash will be $10,000 and for Sundays Championship, $15,000! The largest dash offered to date. Sunday’s Championship, October 5th, the Digger pro purse will be increased by $5,000 thanks to Terry Otton. Plus, it is a double points paying race. This could be the determining race for the winner of the Rampspur Winery $7500 Pro Point Fund. Don’t miss it!


Senior Vintage

  • Ken Thiebaud; 2. Jim Ottele; 3. David Krohn; 4. Ron Lessley; 5. Steve Craft; 6. Rick Villanueva; 7. Daryl Hambleton; 8. Tim Skov; 9. Jeff Lessley DNF

Vet A Main

  • Donnie Howard; 2. Jack Jones; 3. Rob Bush; 4. Jim Rosa; 5. John Lundgren; 6. David Bush; 7. Will Ott; 8. Tom Horton

Vet B Main

  • Bill Kolkman; 2. James Davis; 3. Curtis Pimental; 4. Brian Harmon; 5. Gary Ritchie; 6. Ron Duarte; 7. Mark La Due; 8. Josh Welch

Senior Novice/Super Senior

  • Cary Tanner; 2. Tim Watters; 3. Herb Wolff; 4. D-Dan McDougall; 5. Rick Villanueva; 6. Alan Hayden;7. Charlie Caspary; 8. Guy Duckett; 9. Ted Hubbard; 10. Dary Hambleton DNS

Youth 60

  • Aidan Bromstead

Youth 80

  • Jacob Cascio; 2. Grant Homes; 3. Zaden Florez; 4. Tyler Raggio; 5. James Ott; 6. Matthew OTT; 7. Nathan Agrifoglio DNS

Classic 500-750sv

  • Tom Horton; 2. Steve Craft; 3. Cary Tanner; 4. Lenny Rodriguez; 5. Joe Pape; 6. James Kohls; 7. Matt Campbell.

Modern 250

  • Will Ott; 2. Tom Horton DNS

Modern 500

  • Jim Lundgren; 2. Ron Lessley; 3. Jeff Lessley DNS

Modern 750

  • Donnie Howard; 2. Rob Bush; 3. Tom Horton; 4. Mark LaDue; 5. D-Dan McDougall

250 Open

  • Clayton Williams; 2. Brandon Green; 3. Jace Callison; 4. Allison Stacey; 5. James Ott; 6. Nolan Reitz; 7. Grant Holmes; 8. Jacee Jones; 9. John Gronek; 10. Tom Horton

Senior Open

  • Jim Ottele; 2. Bill Kolkman; 3. Larry Earhart; 4. Jim Medlin; 5. Curtis Pimentel; 6. Greg Powell; 7. Tim Skov; 8. Don Bjornsrud; 9. Kelly Surplice; 10. John Lundgren DNF; 11. Barney Stern DNS

500 Support

  • Jack Jones; 2. Jim Lundgen; 3. Rick Reed; 4. Jeff Gonzales; 5. Mark LaDue; 6. Gary Ritchie

Open Amateur

  • Clayton Williams; 2. Jace Callison; 3. Bradon Watters; 4. John Tinsley; 5. Allison Stacey; 6. Jim Medlin; 7. Parket Earhart; 8. David Lucas; 9. Beau Thompson; 10. Josh Welch; 11. Brandon Green

Digger Open Pro

  • Jared Mees; 2. Sammy Halbert; 3. Briar Bauman; 4. Kayl Kolkman; 5. Jethro Halbert; 6. Mike Rush; 7. Nick Armstrong; 8. Shayna Texter; 9. Bronson Bauman; 10. Dominic Colindres; 11. Brandan Bergen; 12. Ajay Hateley; 13. Colt Foster; 14. Dylan Morin DNS

Specialty Fabrications Dash-4-Cash

  • Sammy Halbert; 2. Jared Mees; 3. Briar Bauman; 4. Jethro Halbert; 5. Kayl Kolkman; 6. Dylan Morin DNS

2013 EMWCDTS #1’s

2013 WCDTS #1’s

Senior Vintage

1) 25d Steve Craft

Senior Open

1) 91 Lloyd Mcgregor


1) 02t Jack Jones

SR Novice, Super SR

1) 1 Herb Wolff

Classic 250

1) 97 Fred Berger

Classic 500 750sv

1) 55 Tom Horton


1) 68n Mark La Due

Youth 60

1) 7x Grant Holmes

Youth 80

1) 95 Clayton Williams

Modern 250

1) 42o Will Ott

Modern 500

1) 70L Jim Lundgren

Modern 750

1) 55 Tom Horton

250 Open

1) 10 Brandon Green

500 Support

1) 11j Jack Jones

Open Amateur

1) 144a David Jorgensen

Digger Open Pro

1) 1 Jared Mees













Mulder’s Magic at Willow Day 2

#14 Ted Hubbard honored

Willow Springs Raceway 3/8 mile cushion was once again the venue for round 5, the final round of Eddie Mulder’s 2013 West Coast Dirt Track series.  Being a double points paying day, the stakes were higher for the riders competing for championship points.  And, for the Digger Helm Open class the purse was also increased to $12,000.   One of the highlights of the day came during the rider’s meeting.  Eddie worked his magic as he is known to do, to increase the dash for cash purse.  Saturday’s Specialty Fabrications dash for cash purse was $5,000, the same as it started with today.  Eddie then asked for any donations from the stands to increase the purse.  The Zimmerman Brothers handed Eddie $2,000 more, Ramspur Winery called in another thousand on the phone, others dug deep into their pockets,  and when he was done Eddie had almost doubled the dash for cash purse to $9,500 thanks to the generosity of the folks in the stands, the Zimmerman Bros., Ramspur Winery and others.

It was another day of near perfect weather.   Cool first thing in the morning as the Mulder crew showed up at the track greeting the folks that had camped out overnight after racing concluded Saturday night.  By mid afternoon it had warmed up nicely to the mid eighties and still no wind.  Stories were being told about fixing bikes that had failed on Saturday, while bench racing was exciting to listen to, always faster and more exciting that the actual race.

Many thanks again to Digger Helm and his family, the Zimmerman Brothers, Rod Lake, Ramspur Winery, Triumph of America, K&N, Motion Pro, Tuff Plates, Conventry Spares and more.  These folks help support the series and the riders. Today’s Cycle Coverage and San Diego offroad get the word out about the West Coast Dirt Track Series races.  Thanks too to the fans, the riders and their families.  Without all of these folks we would not have a series to enjoy. And thanks to the staff that work hard to help Eddie keep things moving along safely on race day.

Practice was underway at 10 am following sign ups, tech inspections and the rider’s meeting.  Heat race line ups were posted and racing began.  Halbert’s bike, blown up Saturday during the main had been repaired.  Bronson Bauman found a bike to rider after both his failed the day before.  Alison Stacey’s dad had procured parts and her 250 was back on the track, tires were changed and the line was long at the catering truck for some delicious track food.

The senior vintage main finished very close to the way it started Kenneth Thiebaud, Jeff Lessley, Ron Lessley Steve Craft and Rick Villanueva.  Steve Craft and Ron Lessley switched positions in lap 3. Donnie Howard and Jeff Johnson continued their competition on the track in the Vet main.  Today Johnson got the hole shot oboard his 76 Yamaha 500  but Howard, piloting a Rotax 600 didn’t waste any time taking the lead in lap 3. Jack Jones rode all six laps in the third position. Although Herb Wolfe finished the first lap of the Sr Novice/Super Senior main in the fifth position he wove his way through the field to take the front position in lap five. Four riders held the second position throughout the six laps but at the checkers it was Tim Watters second and Alan Hayden rounding out the podium.

Grant Holmes seemed to pick up where he left off on Saturday leading the 60cc class from the green to the checkers.  Behind him Tyler Raggio was riding hard to maintain his position however, Jacob Cascio maneuvered his machine into the second position in the final lap leaving Raggio to finish third.

Chris Rudy once again gave Tom Horton a run for his money in the classic 500 750sv class.  Rudy, riding a 1962 Harley Davidson 750 and Horton piloting a Wilburn Triumph 500 crossed the finish 1, 2 in front of Steve Craft.  Craft aboard a 1957Harley KR 750 finished third.  Fred Burger and Stacie London were evenly matched both riding 1967 Bultaco 250’s.  Burger took the lead from the green flag and maintained it to the checkers.  London finished second.  Mark LaDue claimed the Dinosaur class victory riding his 1942 Harley Davidson 1200.  Riding turn after turn smoothly, as if he were out for a casual Sunday ride, Jeff Lessley continued to win and win and win all weekend.  Today he led Will Ott and Mark Davis to the Modern 250 checkers.   Tom Horton took the Modern 500 main home in front of Jim Lundgren, Ron Lessley and Steve Craft.

Clayton Williams rode his final ride aboard his Honda 85 today, moving into the 250 class going forward.  He left the 85 class at the top of his game winning both Saturday and Sunday.  Grant Holmes was no slouch finishing second and Michael Hill finished third.  Brandon Green, who raced his Honda 450 for the first time this weekend, finished the 250 class in front today switching places with Allison Stacey after a back straight battle in lap four.  Green captured the lead once again in the final lap followed by Stacey and Sean Heeney who rode all six laps in the third position.

D-dan McDougall and Lawrence Bertrand, all the way from Canada,  brought up the rear of the Modern 750 class leaving them with the desire to return to Willow next year with the hope of finishing closer to the front.  Tom Horton won the race, Dylan Morin and Robert Bush followed.  Jack Jones was beside himself after winning the 500 Support class.  Jeff Gonzales and Steve Nichols battled for position in lap two when Nichols got around Gonzales for second.  Gonzales finished third. Behind them Jay Grosvenor and Jim Lundgren were also switching positions for the fourth place finish.  Grosvenor won that battle.

David Jorgensen took the fourteen rider field of Open Amateurs to the checkers.  Austin Scaggs, aboard a Suzuki twin, new to him this weekend, finished second and Brandon Green racing in the Ameteur class for only the second time aboard a Honda 450 finished third.   Green took this class home on Saturday.

Donnie Howard showed the boys the fast way around the track once again in the Sr. Class. Lloyd McGregor captured the second spot and Robert Morris was on the gas to get around John Lundgren in lap two to take the third spot.

The six dash for cash riders were well aware of the money gathered for the purse that was at stake.  Jared Mees called “The Money Man” by Eddie, had his eye set on finishing first after handling and counting all that cash in the rider’s meeting.  Briar Bauman was in front out of turn one, with Mees on his right, and Brad Baker directly behind him. Mees was on the move on the back straight taking the front followed by Baker and Bauman.  Halbert chased Bauman down to finish lap two in third and got around baker in lap three. Shayna Texter made her move around Rob Person in the final lap.  At the finish it was Mees,  Halbert, Baker, Bauman, Texter and Pearson.

Fifteen riders lined up for the Digger Open Pro, all wanting the biggest portion of the $12,000 purse.  The front row, Bauman on pole followed by Mees, Baker, Halbert, Pearson and Texter.  By the first turn Mees was in the front, Bauman was on him.  On the back straight Mees began pulling away and Halbert came along side Bauman on the inside.  At the end of lap two Mees had put some distance between himself and Halbert who had taken over the second position.  Halbert was gaining ground, closing the gap. Mees went high in lap five and Halbert took full advantage moving past him into the lead.  They rode side by side and wheel to wheel through lap fourteen.  With six laps to go they battled.  This time Mees was the one to get under moving back into the lead.  Halbert chased keeping Mees on his game, waiting for the opportunity to take the lead again.  The opportunity never happened and Mees rode the six laps in front to victory.  Digger proudly carried the checkered flag for Mees riding the victory lap.

The final award ceremony at the West Coast Dirt Track Series is always special.  Eddie works with the youngsters helping them to give thanks to those that have helped them.  He gives gifts out that were donated by the sponsors mentioned above and each class is awarded for the day’s racing results.  On this day there were special moments.  The plaques all with a picture of Eddie, #12 created an immediate bond between Eddie and the new Grand National Champion Brad Baker who also rides with the #12. And an emotional moment was shared when Eddie honored Ted Hubbard, a very long time rider of the West Coast Dirt Track Series, with a special plaque for his devotion to flat track racing.  Ted has battled cancer on and off for the past several years and in spite of his chemo treatments and illness has almost never missed a race.  Ted doesn’t win, he doesn’t usually even finish in the top three but he always has a smile, a kind word and a great sense of humor.

As the 2013 season comes to an end we have wished God Speed to some.  We have congratulated others.  We have said prayers, laughed and shed a tear together.  We have shared some wonderful moments as a dirt track family and we wish you all a wonderful holiday season and winter.  Thank you for your participation and sharing another season with us.

A mile at the fair

July 28, 2013

Cal Expo – Sacramento, CA

Story by Karen Gould

Checkered Flag Photography

Eddie & Jodi Mulder and their team made the trip to Sacramento once again this year to make dreams come true for amateur riders. On the famous mile long track, smooth and well groomed by Dennis Pearson and Craig Scroggins, the riders enjoyed the same dirt as the GNC pro riders the night before where Bryan Smith took home his third trophy belt buckle and Shayna Texter celebrated her second Sacramento Mile win. Sunday was perfect from start to finish at the Sacramento Amateur mile. With the sights and sounds of the California State Fair in the back ground and the weather mild, riders and spectators alike had a great day.

A big thank you to several sponsors of the Sacramento Mile that stepped up to help make this event possible. Scott Dunlavey/Berkeley Honda-Yamaha generously donated several pit bikes for use at the track, and on board again this year, Triumph of North America.  Digger Helm and Rod Lake, long time supporters of the West Coast Dirt Track Series along with K&N Filters, Motion Pro, Barmett Clutches and Specialty Fabrications, all as Premiere sponsors. Others included A&A Racing who donated 2 tires and provided non-stop service to the riders. and S&S Off Road Magazine, who bring news of the WCDTS events out to the public, Brown’s Cycles, Maxima Racing Oils, Works Performance, Coventry Spares, Tuff Plates and many more. At each event there are water bottles, hats, T-shirts and other goodies all provided by the sponsors, shared with the riders during the award ceremony.

Thanks go to the riders as well. One hundred and fifty plus entrants rode 17 heats and main events with such care that the ambulance never moved from it’s parking spot. Without the invitation of Circle Bell Motorsports and Bob Bellino, racing the mile at Cal Expo would not be possible.

Race day started with the usual, tech inspections to be sure the riders and bikes are safe for the day’s events followed by a rider’s meeting. Eddie’s custom of honoring fallen riders was carried out once again with a moment of silence for AJ Herrera who recently passed away. He then announced the order of practice, where to find the event postings and how the day is planned. Seasoned riders and past pros were joined with many that were riding the mile for the first time. Walking the pits the excitement could be felt as last minute adjustments were being made to equipment. Leathers, were hanging on easy ups that had been recently cleaned in preparation of the days races and the pits were filled with riders and their families, sharing food, stories and their excitement.

Right on schedule practice took place. A couple of seized motors and mechanical mishaps brought the golf cart and trailer out to get riders and bikes back to the pits. Competition in many classes was close with heat races determining rider placement on the main event starting lines. Classes included 250cc Open, through unlimited cc Vet, Vintage, Senior, Novice and more. The West Coast Dirt Track Series finds a class for every rider that shows up. Eddie’s love of racing is unquestionable at his events.

The first main event on the track included 8 Senior Vintage riders.  Familiar faces on the track, Jim Monegan aboard a 1972 Honda 481, Steve Craft on the seat of his 1974 Harley XR 750 and Kenny Theibaud powering a 1974 Yamaha 750 battled for position through the third lap when Thiebaud left the race broken. Monegan and Craft put on a show turn to turn until Monegan was able to pull away and take the win..Don Galloway from Canada captured the third position followed by Victor McBee. Twelve riders took their places on the line for the 35 and over Vet A main. Steve Liberty showed Tom Horton the fastest way around this big track taking over the lead in the first lap. Vince Holt followed them to the checkers and Wade Boyd moved into the fourth spot in the last lap leaving John Lundgren to finish fifth. The Vet B included ten riders. The top three finishers, Ron Long, Jack Jones and AJ Neelings maintained their one, two, three positions from flag to flag.

In this writers opinion the race of the day was the Senior Novice/Super Senior class. I’ve been attending and photographing Eddie Mulder’s events for more than ten years. During those years I don’t remember ever not seeing #49, Mickey Alzola at the races. Alzola had a long history of precision stunt driving for many movies in Hollywood including Jack Knife, Mega Force, Steel Yard Blues, The First Last Race and many more. Alzola raced sprint cars from 1977 through 1987 and since then has raced motorcycles for more than twenty five years. He was a five time rider of the Pikes Peak Sprint Car class. Today before racing began Alzola told me that all he could do any more was have fun. When the riders came to the starting line in the 50 and older novice/riders over 60 class. Alzola was aboard his 1966 Eddie Mulder SpecialTriumph. Only one other bike was older than the Alzolas. Fred Berger was piloting his 1965 Triumph 650. Also in the class was Ted Hubbard, a cancer survivor riding another Eddie Mulder Special Yamaha 540. The starter threw the green flag and Canadian D-Dan McDougall got the hole shot on his 74 XR Harley Davidson 750. Mike Wayne on top of a 1971 Yamaha 750 took the lead from
McDougall in lap three. Behind them Alzola was on the move. Moving from the sixth position in lap one to third by lap four. Alzola was gaining ground. With only two laps remaining Lawrence Bertrand had captured the second postion riding a 1973 Triumph 750. The white flag lap gave Alzola time to capture second and by the checkers, it was Alzola for the win. Wayne had recaptured the second spot and Bertrand rounded out the podium. I don’t know the age of Alzola, maybe 73, but I know that he still “has it”, the enthusiasm and determination to win races along with a huge smile and a delightful personality.

After finishing third in the Vet class Holt came back to win the Senior Open class in front of Wade Boyd and Ron Long. Holt powered his 2000 Rotax 660 the first four laps in the lead giving it up to vintage road racing champion Paul Germain on a Yamaha 750 in lap four and regaining the lead in white flag lap to take the checkers first. Wade Boyd twisted the throttle in the final lap to finish second followed by Long on a Rotax 600. Germain finished sixth.

Donnie Darrah worked the track and his 06 Honda 450 hard riding the SeniorB Main Open main event. Don Galloway was not having it riding his 74 Yamaha 750 in front four of six laps. Darrah rode laps four and five in front but at the end of the race it was all Galloway followed by Perry
Smith mounted on a Honda 450.

Maybe the guy most proud of himself this day was Craig Scroggins. The guy driving the blade earlier in the day to groom the track, Scroggins was not to be beat on his track during racing. Competing in the Sr Open C event Scroggins who said today would be his last mile race got the hole shot from  the start. David Ehrhart took that lead for laps two and three but Scroggins was insistant and tenacious riding the final two laps to the finish in front. Lance Harris, PHD and Jim Monegan followed Scroggins to the checkers. Monegan was back on the track to win the Modern 500 class in front of Horton and Galloway. Jake Latimer took Victor McBee and LloydMcGregor home in the 750 modern class.

Allison Stacey and Kimi Valentine were competing with the boys in the 250 Open class. randon Green and Sean Heeney were first and second but Stacey proudly took the third place on the podium. Thirty six riders entered the Open Amateur class. Broken into A, B and C mains, determined by placement in the heat races. One rider captured my attention when he shared that this day was his 29th birthday and the first time he had ridden a mile. Happy 29th birthday Andy Wallace. Wallace didn’t finish in the top three but did capture the fourth position in the Open Amateur B main behind Heeney, Boyd and Chris Ryan. Davis Fisher, Dylan Morin and Vaughn McCafferty were the top three in the Open Amateur A main and Holt captured his second victory of the day in front of Scott Anderson and Robert Curry in the C main.

Promoter Eddie Mulder wishes to thank each and every person who attended this spectacular event for their cooperation and support. The program went off flawlessly, the ambulance never moved and there was great racing, camaraderie and fun all weekend. Racers came from all over North America and Canada for their chance to ride on the famous Sacramento Mile. The WCDTS final two 2013 events will take place at Willow Springs on the 3/8 mile banked cushion October 19th and 20th . For more information on Eddie Mulder’s Dirt Track Series go to:

More pictures are acvailable at


Senior Vintage

  1. Jim Monegan; 2. Steve Craft; 3. Don Galloway; 4. Victor McBee; 5. David Krohn; 6. D-dan McDougall; 7. Rick Villanueva; 8. Kenneth Thiebaud; 9. David Atheron; 10. Robert Hansen; 11. Mickey Alzola; 12. Lawrence Bertrand; 13. Greg Lightfoot; 14. Peter Thomson



  1. Steve Liberty; 2. Tom Horton; 3. Vince Holt; 4. Wade Boyd; 5. John Lundgren; 6. Paul Germain; 7. Robert Morris; 8. Roger Andree; 9. Kenneth Holland; 10. Joe Johnson; 11. Chris Baker; 12. Robert Bush; 13. Peter Lee; 14. Jeff Corcoran; 15. David Deveau

Vet B

  1. Ron Long; 2. Jack Jones; 3. A.J. Neelings; 4. Chad Valker; 5. Joe Brown; 6. Roert Settler; 7. Justin Barnett; 8. Chris Larson; 9. Brad Raymond; 10. Zane Amaro

Sr. Novice, Super Senior

  1. Mickey Alzola; 2. Mike Wayne; 3. Lawrence Bertand; 4. D-dan McDougall; 5. Herb Wolff; 6. Victor McBee; 7. Maury Austin; 8. Fred Berger; 9. Ted Hubbard; 10. Don Rasmussen; 11. Peter Thompson; 12. John Deatherage

Classic 500 750sv

  1. Tom Horton; 2. Chris Rudy; 3. Rodd Lighthouse; 4. Allen Brugger; 5. Roy Taboda

Senior Open

  1. Vince Holt; 2. Wade Boyd; 3. Ron Long; 4. David Deveau; 5. Gene Fitzsimmons; 6. Paul Germain; 7. John Lundgren; 8. Lloyd McGregor; 9. Joe Johnson; 10. Roger Andree; 11. Peter Lee; 12. Robert Settler

Senior Open B Main

  1. Don Galloway; 2. Donnie Darrah; 3. Perry Smith; 4. Greg Lightfoot; 5. Bud Riddle; 6. Nick Theroux; 7. Robert Curry; 8. Mike Fowler; 9. Dave Keil; 10. Barry Hiatt; 11. Brad Raymond; 12. David Valentine

Senior Open C Main

  1. Craig Scroggins; 2. Lance Harris; 3. Jim Monegan; 4. Tim Skov; 5. Ray Turner; 6. Tim Lampe; 7. MikeRankin; 8. Rick Villanueva; 9. David Ehrhart; 10. Peter Thomson

Modern 500

  1. Jim Monegan; 2. Tom Horton; 3. Don Galloway; 4. Steve Craft; 5. Mike Wayne; 6. Mark Jensen; 7. Thad Wolff

Modern 750

  1. Jake Latimer; 2. Victor McBee; 3. Lloyd McGregor; 4. Robert Hansen; 5. Jerry Bland; 6. D-dan McDougall; 7. Robert Bush; 8. Maury Austin; 9. Steve Liberty; 10. Perry Smith

250 Open

  1. Brandon Green; 2. Sean Heeney; 3. Allison Stacey; 4. Clayton Williams; 5. Kimi Valentine

500 Support

  1. Ron Long; 2. Don Galloway; 3. Jack Jones; 4. Robert Hansen; 5. Jeff Corcoran; 6. Perri Turner; 7. Mike Fowler; 8. Jeff Gonzales; 9. Jim Lundgren; 10. Robert Morris

500 Support B Main

  1. Terry Graham; 2. Gary Ritchie; 3. Barry Hiatt; 4. Justin Barnet; 5. Jack Harwood; 6. Dillon Allen; 7. Mike Keith; 8. Gene Fitzsimmons

Open Amateur

  1. David Fisher; 2. Dylan Morin; 3. Vaughn McCafferty; 4. Tony Souza; 5. Allison Stacey; 6. Adam Hernandez; 7. Andrew Luker; 8,. David Bush; 9. Caleigh Ryan; 10. David Deveau; 11. Kale Fish; 12. Damon Coca

Open Amateur B Main

  1. Sean Heeney; 2. Wade Boyd; 3. Crris Ryan; 4. Andy Wallace; 5. Laramie Bystedt; 6. Kenneth Holland; 7. Beau Thompson; 8. Sam Cullon; 9. Cody Van Dyke; 10.  Brian Schmeltz; 11. Chris Baker; 12. Nick Theroux

Open Amateur C Main

  1. Vince Holt; 2. Scott Anderson; 3. Robert Curry; 4. Dillon Allen; 5. Darrell Beardsley; 6. Brad Raymond; 7. Mitchell Green; 8. David Valentine; 9. Keith Eusebio Jr; 10. Chris Geilfuss; 11. Zane Amaro