Lake Cachuma Vintage British Motorcycle Rally – June 12 – 15, 2020

Update: March 19, 2020


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Live Oak Campground, Santa Ynez, Ca.
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The happy group from the 2019 Lake Cachuma Vintage British M/C Rally
The happy group from the 2019 Lake Cachuma Vintage British M/C Rally

There is nothing better than planning a long weekend campout to kick off the new decade’s summer season opener. Except if it includes British Iron, others who share in the passion of the good old days of everything vintage motorcycle and the freedom to relax and get spoiled by it all. That is what the Lake Cachuma Vintage British M/C Rally is all about.

When you escape to your own private 40-acre campground, nestled in the mountains above picturesque Santa Barbara, the freedom to relax and unwind amid hundreds of old Oak trees envelopes you. Hot showers and three meals a day take away all responsibilities except to have fun, ride, participate, and mingle amongst your peers. Some of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate Vintage British and just plain motorcycle enthusiasts are there. Racers, tuners, business owners, sponsors, and experts bring their stories and share the knowledge that goes very deep. It’s almost magical. Sharing meals and stories, chatting around the campfire, Awards ceremonies, giveaways, and our audio/video guru, Geoff Patrick’s evening entertainment highlight the atmosphere. Take off with one of Cozmic Joe’s “Ride Central” maps and cruise the backroads, historic locales and look for hidden flags to find and trade-in for a prize! Try out a new demo courtesy of Triumph Motorcycles America and compare a new Triumph to your old British ride.

Eye candy from the Classic Motorcycle Show
Eye candy from the Classic Motorcycle Show

The caliper of motorcycles that arrive at camp has continuously risen because the Classic Bike Show is one beautiful array of stock, restored, rare, rusty, collectible, and otherwise loved British Motorcycles on display! Over 50 machines are entered Saturday, in hopes of taking home a coveted trophy. Cozmic Joe’s custom creations created especially for the rally every year are awarded to the highest winners; People’s Choice and Best of Show. The buzz of the rally is the project bikes being built for the next year’s contest! Bike Show entry is included in the price of admission.

Sunday is the chance to compete in fun-filled games on your bike in the Field Meet organized by Steve Ortiz. Ride one or two up and test your skills on the slalom course, beanbag toss, ring toss, hang clothespins, ride the plank, put balls on cones, and the best event of all, the Slow Race!!! Most points collected wins. Top 6 awarded medals! There is also a kids field meet exclusively for kids under 16, so bring the family! Many children have learned how to ride in camp over the years on the wide-open field and supportive environment. Many are now bringing their children! The rally carries a long legacy of motorcycling enthusiasts and the freedom to have fun! Bicycles are welcome in the kid’s field meet, too!

Eddie and Jodi Mulder are hosting the rally for the sixth year after an eight-year hiatus. Prior to that, John and Susan Healy of Coventry Spares, then John and Donna Mulrean were the hosts. Beginning in 1989 the legacy of the Lake Cachuma Vintage British M/C Rally is long and well-loved. Families, friends, and enthusiasts have been spreading the word that brings the best people and machines to the rally for decades. Be part of the excitement! Bring your favorite beverages, bikes, and buddies and explore the picturesque landscapes. Let us take care of the food and activities, you come and have fun. All bikes welcome, Vintage British preferred 😉

Randy Zimmerman accepts his sponsors "Thank You" on behalf of Specialty Fabrications, Inc from Eddie and Jodi Mulder while Cozmic Joe Filardi stands by.
Randy Zimmerman accepts his sponsors “Thank You” on behalf of Specialty Fabrications, Inc from Eddie and Jodi Mulder while Cozmic Joe Filardi stands by.


  • $225 per person (includes free rally T-shirt)
  • Children 14 and under: $65 each
  • Children under 5 free

Pre-Registration: Closes May 31, 2020, or cap of 150 entries reached.


Register and pay online through PayPal

Need help? Check our website or call the hotline 661-944-1184 for information and updates.

Lake Cachuma Vintage British Motorcycle Rally Grand Marshal Announced

Steve Ortiz
Steve Ortiz

The Lake Cachuma British Motorcycle Rally is proud to announce Steve Ortiz as the 2019 Grand Marshal.  Steve is a hard-core British motorcycle enthusiast who has been involved with the rally since 2002. Among his 2-wheel accomplishments, Steve has been past president and is current Secretary of the BSA Owners Club of Southern California, which he has been an active member for over 30 years. Steve rides street and dirt and has traveled the USA, UK, and Isle of Man on British Motorcycles, somewhat making him an “Adventure Rider.” As a young boy growing up in Culver City, Steve started his two-wheel career riding the Baldwin Hills on a Flexo minibike as he was not allowed to have motorcycle till the age of 18. While waiting for this birthday, he figured his folks said nothing about “building a motorcycle,” so at the age of 16 he started assembling a Honda CB 160 Road Racer in his bedroom. Clip-Ons, rear-sets, bread-loaf tank and K81 tires laced to Akront rims, he was hooked and going to be a racer. Steve’s was 15 ½ and his first job was working part-time for a neighbor in the pneumatic tool business and went from sweeping the floors to assembling and rebuilding equipment and gradually became a specialist in aerospace drilling and fabrication tools. As he was making lots of money from working (and while still in High School), he purchased a neighbor’s 1968 Triumph TR6C  and was the envy of many High School kids. Most of them never knew that Steve was a bit intimidated by the size of his new 650 Triumph, pushing it home, till he grew confident enough to ride it.

 After graduation, Steve continued to work in the aerospace tool industry and left it for a few years to open a moped shop in Garden Grove during the late 70s. After two years, Steve sold the business and returned to the aerospace tool sector, and a few years later married Anita (the girl next door) and secured an engineering position at Northrop Aircraft, where Steve put his skills to good use and co-designed the precision drilling system that was used on the top-secret B-2 stealth bomber and later implemented on the F/A 18 Hornet and our nation’s latest fighter, the F 35 Lightning.

Steve Ortiz with Eddie Mulder

While still working, Steve continued to be heavily involved with motorcycles, and finally retired from Northrop-Grumman after  31 years of service. As an Officer in the BSA Owners Club, he’s still very active in promoting numerous British motorcycle events and has been the Field Events Manager for our Cachuma Rally for the past few years. Steve and Anita reside in Lake Elsinore California, and when not busy helping run the BSA Owners Club, or tinkering with his 6 bikes, enjoys riding and spending time with Anita, their 2 daughters, and 2 grandchildren. Steve was very reluctant to accept the position as Grand Marshal, as he felt there were many others more deserving, but Eddie convinced Steve that his continuing involvement with the Cachuma Rally has earned him this title.

Congratulations Steve-O!

Lake Cachuma Vintage British Motorcycle Rally

Live Oak Campground, Santa Ynez, Ca.
September 20 – 23, 2019

“British motorbike enthusiasts’ heaven” is what some have called the annual Lake Cachuma Vintage British M/C Rally. Tucked away on your own private 40 acre campground, surrounded by ages old California Oak trees high above the Pacific ocean and it’s Santa Barbara shoreline, you are free to relax and submerge yourself with friends and family in all things fun and classic when it comes to British motorcycles. Grab a map from Cozmic Joe‘s “Ride Central“, some friends and your helmet and explore the beautiful scenery on the winding, picturesque roadways. Get back to camp for three square meals a day provided by our new caterers, Wild and Twisted Catering. Hot breakfasts, full lunches, BBQ and spaghetti dinner. Dessert, too! You won’t go hungry. Bring your best entry to the Classic Bike Show on Saturday for a chance to win a trophy and see who takes home “Best of Show!”  Entertainment Coordinator, Geoff Patrick will be offering motorcycle films to amaze and delight for evenings entertainment. Sunday, play games of skill on your motorcycle in the Field Meet. There’s one for adults and one for kids. Awards and a giveaway after dinner Saturday and after dinner Sunday is just the awards presentation. Be sure to say “Hi!” to this years Grand Marshal – Steve Ortiz or Steve-O as he is affectionately known.

Sit around the bonfire with a cigar, marshmallow on a stick or your own drink of choice and enjoy the late summer evenings. September is the latest we have ever held the rally so it should be nice and warm. September 20 is Eddie’s 76th birthday!!! British motorcycles are highlighted but all are welcome. Camp out in your tent, trailer or RV. Very limited electrical outlets so plan to dry camp. Hot showers, running water and regular toilets are provided. Covered kitchen and eating area for congregating and shade. Dogs ok on a leash. The campground is located just south of the lake, next to the river. Peaceful and quiet!

We are proud to accept PayPal this year! The cost for the three night, four day rally is $225 for those aged 14 and older. You can still print, complete and mail in your registration with a check or money order for no additional cost. Add $10 for registering online and paying with PayPal (total $235)  Kids 5-13 years cost $65 each. Aged 4 and under free. Pre-register before September 1, 2019 and get a free event T-shirt! Single day pricing is available. Please call the hotline for assistance in pre-registering.

For info or with questions contact us at: or call the hotline: 1-661-944-1184

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Thank you and we hope you will join us this year for lots of good food and fun with our old British bikes!

Digger Helm Memorial May 4-5, 2019

Released: February, 18, 2019

Eddie Mulder’s West Coast Dirt Track Series
Willow Springs 3/8 Mile Dirt Track, Rosamond, Ca.

Digger Helm
Digger Helm

 After a yearlong hiatus from racing, Eddie and Jodi Mulder are proud to bring you the Digger Helm Memorial. A weekend of fast racing and fun to honor one of the biggest supporters of racing of all kinds, but especially important in the success of the West Coast Dirt Track Series. Digger stepped up every year for 20 years to sponsor the Pro class. Donating huge amounts of cash, luring the top talent of professional dirt track racing from all over the nation out west to his backyard so he could relish in the excitement of it all!

 “We couldn’t have had the success we have without Digger!” said Eddie Mulder. “He absolutely loved dirt track. He really loved to watch the fast guys dicing it out for his money!” Mulder laughs. “He raised our Vintage racing series into one of the most lucrative Pro events. He, along with the Zimmerman brothers, Rod Lake and Terry Otton have all given the racers so much to win.  It’s my honor to have men like them support us!”

The big money guys as well as loyal, longtime sponsors like Barnett Clutches and Cables, Motion Pro, Maxima Racing oils, Coventry Spares, JRC Engineering, British Customs all contribute to making the series one of the best.

Mulder plans at least a $50,000 weekend pro purse and is still finalizing the numbers.

Where: Willow Springs Intl Raceway- Walt James Stadium 3/8 Mile DT, Rosamond, CA

When: May 4-5, 2019

Pit gates open: 8am     Registration: 8-10am  Practice: 10:30am       Races Start: 12pm

Cost: $10/person WSIR gate fee and $25/day Pit Pass or $45 for Two-Day Pit Pass

Riders admission included included with entry fee.  Kids 12 and under are free.

Parking and Overnight camping: free

Note: Gates are locked every night. No ins/out.

Pre-entry closes April 28, 2019.

Questions? Call the hotline for help: 661-944-1184.

We want to thank all of our awesome sponsors!

Maxima Racing Oils, Motion Pro, Barnett Clutches and Cables, Rod Lake Racing, Specialty Fabrications Inc, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys.