Lake Cachuma Vintage British Motorcycle Rally Grand Marshal Announced

Steve Ortiz
Steve Ortiz

The Lake Cachuma British Motorcycle Rally is proud to announce Steve Ortiz as the 2019 Grand Marshal.  Steve is a hard-core British motorcycle enthusiast who has been involved with the rally since 2002. Among his 2-wheel accomplishments, Steve has been past president and is current Secretary of the BSA Owners Club of Southern California, which he has been an active member for over 30 years. Steve rides street and dirt and has traveled the USA, UK, and Isle of Man on British Motorcycles, somewhat making him an “Adventure Rider.” As a young boy growing up in Culver City, Steve started his two-wheel career riding the Baldwin Hills on a Flexo minibike as he was not allowed to have motorcycle till the age of 18. While waiting for this birthday, he figured his folks said nothing about “building a motorcycle,” so at the age of 16 he started assembling a Honda CB 160 Road Racer in his bedroom. Clip-Ons, rear-sets, bread-loaf tank and K81 tires laced to Akront rims, he was hooked and going to be a racer. Steve’s was 15 ½ and his first job was working part-time for a neighbor in the pneumatic tool business and went from sweeping the floors to assembling and rebuilding equipment and gradually became a specialist in aerospace drilling and fabrication tools. As he was making lots of money from working (and while still in High School), he purchased a neighbor’s 1968 Triumph TR6C  and was the envy of many High School kids. Most of them never knew that Steve was a bit intimidated by the size of his new 650 Triumph, pushing it home, till he grew confident enough to ride it.

 After graduation, Steve continued to work in the aerospace tool industry and left it for a few years to open a moped shop in Garden Grove during the late 70s. After two years, Steve sold the business and returned to the aerospace tool sector, and a few years later married Anita (the girl next door) and secured an engineering position at Northrop Aircraft, where Steve put his skills to good use and co-designed the precision drilling system that was used on the top-secret B-2 stealth bomber and later implemented on the F/A 18 Hornet and our nation’s latest fighter, the F 35 Lightning.

Steve Ortiz with Eddie Mulder

While still working, Steve continued to be heavily involved with motorcycles, and finally retired from Northrop-Grumman after  31 years of service. As an Officer in the BSA Owners Club, he’s still very active in promoting numerous British motorcycle events and has been the Field Events Manager for our Cachuma Rally for the past few years. Steve and Anita reside in Lake Elsinore California, and when not busy helping run the BSA Owners Club, or tinkering with his 6 bikes, enjoys riding and spending time with Anita, their 2 daughters, and 2 grandchildren. Steve was very reluctant to accept the position as Grand Marshal, as he felt there were many others more deserving, but Eddie convinced Steve that his continuing involvement with the Cachuma Rally has earned him this title.

Congratulations Steve-O!